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PG Diploma Software Engineering

Learn software engineering practices to apply a systematic, disciplined, quantifiable approach to the development of software projects. Build production ready software products using popular software libraries and frameworks such as Java Spring Boot and ReactJS -- the same libraries used to power companies like Amazon and Netflix, and more.

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PG Program Big Data Engineering

Develop foundational understanding in data structures and algorithms required for Big Data Systems. Master important Big Data platforms for data storage and processing and much more.

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PG Diploma in Data Science

Accelerate your career in data science by mastering concepts of Data Management, Statistics, Machine Learning and Big Data from most influential Data Science leaders and academicians of India.

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Business Analytics

Business Analytics introduces quantitative methods used to analyze data and make better management decisions. This course is not based on rote memorization of equations or facts but focuses on honing your understanding of key concepts, your managerial judgment, and your ability to apply course concepts to real business problems.

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Computing for Data Analysis

Basic programming in Python and SQL using Jupyter notebooks. Basic algorithms, data structures, and regular expressions. Tools for numerical computing, including the basics of numerical analysis, numerical linear algebra, and numerical optimization, and more.

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