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PG Diploma Software Engineering

Learn software engineering practices to apply a systematic, disciplined, quantifiable approach to the development of software projects. Build production ready software products using popular software libraries and frameworks such as Java Spring Boot and ReactJS -- the same libraries used to power companies like Amazon and Netflix, and more.

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PG Program Big Data Engineering

Develop foundational understanding in data structures and algorithms required for Big Data Systems. Master important Big Data platforms for data storage and processing and much more.

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PG Certification Digital Marketing & Communication

Master marketing in the digital age by upskilling in areas such as SEM, SEO, Content, Social & Analytics taught by industry experts & MICA faculty. Apply learnings from case studies and industry projects to create integrated Digital Marketing & Communication strategies. Run live campaigns on Facebook, Google Adwords, and Display and spend real money.

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Product Management Certification Program

Build a holistic perspective on product management by understanding the fundamentals of user research, product design, product analytics and more. This Product Management Certification Program is co-developed by seasoned product professionals from India and Silicon Valley.

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Entrepreneurship Certificate Program

Develop your idea, build the right business model, and test it with users. Also, make a roadmap for your business launch and learn the essential steps for growth and funding.

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