Eligibility Criteria

What are we looking for in candidates?

We look for candidates who are driven, motivated, curious and passionate to learn and take charge of their career, for future industries in the service sector. They must display academic excellence, leadership potential, and strive for overall excellence - professionally or with regard to carving out their own niche. We want our candidates to clearly articulate their career goals and ambition. We will look out for their ability to impact change, grow to lead change and so on.

Conditions for receiving the award

The scholarship will be provided to individuals who match the three point criteria for need, merit and ambition. This discretion rests solely with the internal team and committee of UOS.


Achieved a certain level of academic excellence (equivalent to an upper second-class, 2:1 honours degree, i.e., graduated with 60% or above marks in previous education) and professionally independent. We may test or interview shortlisted candidates on aptitude and soft skills. Interviews may be in-person or online.


While there is no specific income bracket you must belong to for receiving the grant, we do consider financial need of applicants on a case-by-case basis. However, this is in addition to, and not independent of, the merit and ambition criteria.


Ambition to transition or upskill to a career of tomorrow. To be determined through a Statement of Purpose, i.e., 800 word essay around why you are applying for the scholarship, why you should be selected, what program you are applying for and your two to five year career goals; and Letters of Recommendation, i.e., one letter from current employer and one from past employer – for those who are in their first job, one letter from current employer and one academic recommendation will suffice. Certain personal recommendations may be required post selection.


The mandatory eligibility criteria for any application to move forward to the committee, which will take the final decision of granting the scholarship, includes the following.

Be a citizen of India and provide sufficient proof of the same such as copy of passport or driver’s license.
Have an undergraduate degree that will enable you to gain entry to a postgraduate diploma or certification course or program at one of the identified online education providers (list below). Have graduated with a minimum of 60% or above marks in previous education.
At least one year of work experience (internships not included), and be employed/working at the time of applying for the scholarship.
If you find that your choice of provider or program is not included in the original list, you may reach out to UOS. The team will decide whether such a provider or program is eligible for inclusion.
Meet certain English language requirements. Typically, valid IELTS and TOEFL scores will be accepted as well as sufficient proof of the previous education (university) language of instruction and assessment being English.
Please note that it is compulsory to meet the eligibility criteria for the scholarship independently of the eligibility criteria for each individual program or course that you are applying for.

You are not eligible for UOS if you:
- Do not hold Indian Citizenship.
- Have already received an award under UOS within three years prior to re-application.

After Application

Your application will be reviewed against these eligibility criteria. If you fail to meet the work experience requirement, or have entered something in your declaration that makes you ineligible, you will not able to complete the application and application status will show as 'Not Qualified.'

For all other information, you will have until 48 hours post submitting the application to email us at contactus@upgradonlinescholarship.com to request any change or highlight an error you may have made. Failure to amend your answers will mean your application will not be considered for the scholarship. You can apply for the scholarship again after 90 days.

If selected you will receive an email from us intimating you on the next steps. If you do not receive a response within 90 days of applying, please assume that you have not been selected. In such a case, feel free to apply again post this 90 day period. But we would recommend taking a re-look at your application in such a case and think about what parts of your application you may want to change or improve upon to increase your chances of acceptance.


This is an evolving list and if your chosen program or area of study doesn’t feature here, you can check with us on whether the program will be eligible or not – this provision is available in the application form. However, final decision will rest with the UOS team.

If the program you select has batches or cohorts, you must apply at least 4 months before the start of such a batch that you may want to enrol in, to allow sufficient time to process your application and close the financial logistics thereafter.

timeline Analytics and Big Data

Data Analytics, Big Data, (Predictive) Business Analytics and Business Intelligence, Data Science, Data Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Self-Driving Cars, Deep-Learning Algorithms, SAS, System and Network Architecture, Integration Specialisation, Data Driven Management, Machine Learning, R Programming, Python, spark, SQL, Data mining, warehousing and management, data visualization tools - tableau, exploratory data analysis, hypothesis testing, regression and predictive modelling, clustering, neural networks, Programming Languages - Java, Scala, Core CS Concepts (Data Structures and Algorithms, Parallel & Distributed Computing, Cloud Computing), Big Data Project Lifecycle, Big Data Technologies like - Hadoop, MapReduce, Hive, Pig, Kafka, Sqoop, HDFS, Spark, Oozie, YARN, etc. ETL & Data Warehousing concepts, Convolution Networks, Image Analytics, Image Recognition, Text Mining, Text Analytics, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Recommendation Systems, Market Mix Modelling, Optimization, Forecasting, Classification, etc.

cloud_circle Digital

Digital Marketing, SEO, SEM, customer management, social media planning and analytics (SMM), content marketing, lead generation, web analytics, performance marketing, communications and brand, PPC, website and other design, display and mobile app marketing, growth hacking, etc.

assignment Product

Product management, user research, UI, UX, prototyping, product planning, deployment and development, product analytics, agile, scrum, etc.

flight_takeoff Entrepreneurship

Coming up with an idea, idea validation, market sizing, business modelling, fundraising etc.

web Online MBA or Management Programs

Digital Technology Management, Design-Thinking and Innovation, Digital MBA – forward-looking with a digital and tech-focus specially. Customer-centric thinking, digital technology application and implementation, agile project management, IoT, cybersecurity, AI/robotics, project management, etc.


Below is a list of providers identified by UOS. If you want to reach out to us to have your platform or program included in the list, write in to us at contactus@upgradonlinescholarship.com. Alternatively, students can also recommend new platforms based on the criteria we use to identify. The final call rests with us.

We recommend applying for the scholarship and awaiting your results for 90 days, prior to applying for the online course you have chosen.

What are careers of tomorrow?

The careers of tomorrow belong to the 21st century and go beyond routine jobs that are likely to be replaced by machines or automation. These are careers that involve a high level of skills and are responsible for creating knowledge economies and are highly in-demand due to the rapid pace of technological developments. These could include areas such as Data, Digital, Product Entrepreneurship, Cybersecurity, Technology, Sales & Marketing, Management and more.

Application Procedure

Once you begin the scholarship application online there will be designated spaces for the following to be filled out or uploaded.

CV and Essay/SOP on why should the UOS be granted to you, why you deserve it and what you would like to do post successful completion of the program you choose, i.e., your motivation and your two to five year career growth plan.
Previous mark sheets (academic transcripts) including college graduation degree, school graduation certification and any other post-graduate certificate, diploma or degree.
All prior work experience.
Details on who has funded your education so far.
Two professional recommendations. If this is your first job, then one professional and one academic reference is required.
Two personal recommendations. These could include a parent and a spouse, a parent and another (non-immediate) family member, a spouse and a child or a parent and a child.
Ability to complete a demanding online program along with possibly balancing professional and personal commitments.
The Committee at UOS may contact you for one or more interviews post your application being shortlisted. These could be virtual, telephonic or in-person interviews.
Financial Considerations

UOS will provide scholarships or grants for programs up to INR 2 Lakh only. The scholarship is only a part scholarship and only in rare circumstances (such as in the case of certain retired armed forces personnel, women, special needs persons and those belonging to economically weaker sections of society) will a full scholarship be provided.

The amount of scholarship funding that will be awarded and the amount that the selected candidate will have to contribute, will be communicated after selection. The payment method details will also be communicated at this stage.

Conditions to continue receiving the grant

At UOS, we follow an outcome-driven approach to granting scholarships. Completion of the course is of utmost importance.

As we want to make sure that candidates are motivated and constantly pushing themselves to achieve their maximum potential, and moreover, completing their course of study, the scholarship amount will be provided against a collateral agreement. There will be certain conditions put in place to monitor the progress of the candidate. These measures will be solely to ascertain how committed the candidate is to his/her education and career:

1. At the start of the award term, we will be holding certain collateral without which the candidate will be at the risk of losing his/her degree/diploma/certification.

2. This collateral could include a linkage to the candidate’s Aadhaar card or the CIBIL credit score, or any other collateral as we may deem fit, on a case by case basis.

3. At the start of the award granting process, once selected, you will be required to state whether you are looking to transition out of your current job/company or planning on staying on. If you decide to continue at your current workplace, we will connect with your employer and put in a system of joint monitoring your progress.

4. We will also require two written personal recommendations as an assurance from immediate family members. Two such recommendations will be necessary from either the candidate’s parent and non-immediate family member, or parent and spouse, or spouse and child, or parent and child. All these requirements or conditions are only applicable once you have been selected for the scholarship.

Outcome measurement

UOS will be committed to empowering individuals with the right ambition, motivation, discipline and outlook towards their future careers. Those who aspire to move up the ladder within their existing organisation or successfully transition into a new role in a new organisation or further, start their own venture, will be aided by UOS.

1. We will be monitoring the candidate’s success in upskilling and upgrading his/her career to a future industry and receiving a professional/financial/intellectual upgrade. This could be measured in the form of a job transition or promotion, salary upgrade, better reviews or performance at work, etc.

2. If the candidate intends to continue in the current job, UOS will monitor his/her progress closely with the employer. We will also be working with the online education provider to monitor Program progress. Factors such as initiative, adhering to deadlines and overall progress will be considered and monitored.

3. If intending to transition from the current company, we will follow the job application process and the candidate’s efforts to acquire a job, so as to ensure that the candidate has put in sufficient effort and done their part in acquiring a job and transitioning.

4. Finally, in case the candidate intends to start up, we will determine success based on sufficient effort made such as idea validation, fundraising, building a product prototype, going to the market, to launching the venture.

5. All selected candidates, who will eventually be alumni of UOS; to commit, at the beginning of their education, to give back to the online education ecosystem and work towards evangelising it. UOS will stay connected with its alumni and each person who is granted the scholarship must, during and post course-completion, convey, refer or recommend this route for online education to 4-5 others.

Processing of applications

1. An internal committee composed of leaders, philanthropists and subject matter experts in the fields of education, technology and skill training to review and shortlist applications, and ultimately decide on who will be granted the UOS.

2. The applications received will be reviewed on a rolling basis and every applicant selected or shortlisted shall receive a response within 90 days of applying. No response will be received in case the applicant is not selected.

3. The application review process will begin with an internal screening of the applications that are received. These applications will be vetted basis the eligibility criteria outlined previously.

4. The selected applications will go through to the next stage where the internal committee will finalise the applicants to receive scholarships or decide on one or more rounds of interviews to be conducted, before making a final decision.

5. The application reviewing process will be as objective as possible, especially where the eligibility criteria is concerned.

6. Only online applications, submitted through the UOS website, will be accepted and considered. Any hard copies or applications sent through external agents will not be considered.

7. Only complete applications will be considered.


If you are considering applying for the UpGrad Online Scholarship, please carefully read the section on Eligibility Criteria, including other detailed rules and regulations, so that you can understand the process better before starting your application.

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